Real Results
Confidence in Predictability
Reduced Logistics Costs
Optimizing Supply Chain

PROBLEM: Client had unpredicatble raw material availability.

SOLUTION: LynnCo deployed superior accountability and transportation management solutions.

RESULTS: Savings of $760,000 in one year.  Client was able to stabilize critical production.

PROBLEM: Client was losing new business due to price competition.

SOLUTION: LynnCo deployed supply chain performance enhancing strategies.

RESULTS: Supply chain costs were reduced by 32%. Client had 22% sales growth in one year while reallocating these savings toward new business.

PROBLEM: During the 2008 economic downturn, automotive clients experienced a rash release of supplier inventories that threatened to drive up inventory levels.

SOLUTION: LynnCo immediately instituted a dedicated emergency shipping control center.

RESULTS: Curtailed release of excess supplier inventory saving millions in inventory carrying costs.

LynnCo Real Results