LynnCo's proprietary SuiteEdgeTM offers powerful centralized control of supply chain activity through one ready-made web-based system. By integrating data from multiple sources, SuiteEdgeTM makes it easy to look deep into the supply chain and capture hard-to-find cost savings.
  • you needed only one software tool to help you manage
        your entire supply chain?
  • you could easily gather and analyze data from your entire supply
        chain operations?
  • you could implement a new supply chain management system
        that didn’t require time or money to develop?
Improving Analytics Through Integration

Tired of diving into multiple systems to gather and massage the data you need to run your supply chain? LynnCo's comprehensive SuiteEdgeTM  technology provides centralized control of your supply chain while capturing every detail needed to easily make informed, cost-saving decisions. Regardless of who pushes the buttons, SuiteEdgeTM gives you consistent and timely information making it your trusted supply chain advisor for daily and long-term supply chain management. 

  • Performance Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Ordering, Shipping, and Finance Portals
  • Supply Chain Collaboration Boards
  • Supply Chain Optimization and Analytics Tools
  • Compliance and Costing Opportunity Tools
Ready to Launch Technology
As a fully-hosted, web-based tech suite, SuiteEdgeTM is easy to adopt, requiring no capital expenditures to develop or maintain. With our proprietary data mapping tools, linking systems is quick and easy without the need for hours of customized development and costly resources. SuiteEdgeTM represents a “best of breed” approach with innovative programming specifically designed to empower LynnCo's cost saving strategies and making it the only supply chain management program of its kind.
Enhancing Supply Chain Control
At LynnCo we understand that having visibility within your supply chain is only the first step to optimizing cost savings. LynnCo's proprietary supply chain technology platform turns data into information and information into performance enhancing decisions. Deploying an industry-leading data warehouse coupled with a powerful business intelligence engine, LynnCo links procurement, shipping, costing and metrics information giving you a clear strategic path for capturing supply chain cost savings opportunities.