Our Solutions
At LynnCo, we embrace the Lean approach to logistics, offering tools and guidance to examine every layer of your supply chain, enabling you to cut waste and streamline all stages of production.
What If
  • you could be confident your raw materials will arrive on time in the correct quantities, and your customer's finished product will be delivered successfully and without damage?
  • you could extend Lean practices outside the four walls and into your supply chain?
  • you had the technology and strategic support to empower continuous improvement?
Instituting a Smarter Strategy
The efficiency of the supply chain is riddled with “what if” scenarios that threaten to disrupt production and increases supply chain costs to dangerous levels. From supplier collaboration to supply chain focused Kaizen events, our Lean Certified Solution Strategists and proprietary Lean logistics methods help make the smart adjustments to get your supply chain running leaner and meaner.
Extending Lean Beyond the Dock Doors
Because the Lean approach works best if implemented inside and outside the four walls, we don’t just optimize your supply chain. We’ve partnered with Industrial Solutions, Inc. (ISI), to offer thorough consultation and training on how to apply Lean principles inside your own company. With this strategic partnership, we can offer holistic, comprehensive services integrating both your internal and external operations to ensure processes are functioning as efficiently as possible for years to come.