Our Solutions
LynnCo is an applied technology company that provides solutions through engineering and optimization of complex supply chains. We are brought in by executive management, typically in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, to assess improvement opportunities and operationalize tailor-designed solutions that achieve high performing results. 
Confidence Through Predictability
Supply chain health is vital to the overall budget. LynnCo builds logistics competency while delivering year-over-year savings. From supplier and transportation management to financial reporting and operating best-practices, we create a predictable supply chain that no one else can achieve.
Reducing Logistics Costs
Powered by analytics and Six Sigma practices, our proven approach involves not just identifying the problem, but uncovering the cause. LynnCo delivers profound value with company-wide impact, achieving the right balance of service and inventory without the overhead of labor, systems, or expertise. 
Competency with Diversity
Diversity is not just a buzzword at LynnCo. Because of our diverse ownership and employees, we are uniquely positioned to deliver innovative results on a global scale and solutions tailored to unique needs – coveting what matters most to our clients.
Our Solutions
LynnCo Solutions