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  • The “Uberization” of Freight

    by Wendy Buxton | Aug 09, 2018
    Between driver shortages and increasing consumer demands, companies like Uber and Amazon hope to fulfill transportation demands with smartphone apps. But does the on-demand sharing economy have a future in logistics?
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  • How Can You Mitigate the Growing Logistics Skills Gap?

    by Wendy Buxton | Jul 24, 2018
    As the supply chain industry rapidly changes, who will fill the widening skills gap? And how will logistics leaders retain their top talent after recruitment?
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  • How Could AI Impact Procurement?

    by Wendy Buxton | Jul 19, 2018
    As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to disrupt all aspects of supply chain management, more procurement managers recognize the potential power of machine learning, business intelligence, and cognitive systems. Learn more.
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