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We are an applied technology company that provides solutions through engineering and optimization of complex supply chains. We are brought in by executive management to assess improvement opportunities and operationalize tailor-designed solutions that achieve high performing results.

  • Supply Chain Performance Management
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Supplier Accountability
  • Diversity Programs
  • Lean Logistics
  • Supply Chain Technology
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As the experts in Supply Chain Management, it only makes sense to pass our knowledge on to our clients.  Check here daily to get the latest in industry news.
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"Consistently delivering our product across the US and Canada in a timely manner is paramount to our success. We had an early dialogue with LynnCo about what we were doing and our specific needs. LynnCo demonstrated they could meet our high level of expectations, and we are quite happy with how they are delivering on their promises."